Welcome to my new site!
Finally, I've decided to build my site up with all of my vehicle wraps.  Check out my portfolio page to watch a slideshow of what I have done so far.

2 Replies to “Welcome to my new site!”

  1. Pete says:

    Hi – I have four Kia Soul’s that I am going to wrap for my business. How can I identify the total sq ft of space that will be wrapped for the soul? I will be wrapping EVERYTHING on the care except the front side windows and windshield (obviously). How many sq ft are a Soul?

    1. jason023 says:

      Generally, for full vehicle wraps, you will want to purchase 60 inch rolls for seamless installs so you only really need to measure is length. Depending on the type of graphics you decide to put on the vehicle, you can either measure the car from front to back on both sides, including front/rear bumpers. Or, you can measure each body panel individually. Just make sure you add a few inches on each side so you do not run short on material.

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